How It All Began

About October 1972, in response to inquiries expressing interest in forming a retirement group, Jack Cutler, then President of the LMSC Management Association, Bay Area Chapter, sent out a questionnaire to a list of retired Bay Area MA members to determine its extent. The response to the questionnaire was favorable, and an ad hoc steering committee formed on January 11, 1973, to set up the organization.

Serving on the steering committee were Les Andrews, John Long, Pearle Aronstamm and Bernice Flynn. Acting as advisors and representing the Management Association were MA President Jack Cutler (the "spark plug" who really fired up the whole idea) and William Cannon. Both of them provided the wholehearted support and assistance needed to meet the problems that occurred during the formation of LMAR.

On February 20, 1973, the potential membership attended an organizational meeting. This membership adopted an Operating Policy Statement and the name Lockheed Management Association Retirees (LMAR). The following officers piloted the club during its first year.

President Lester H. Andrews
Vice President Maurice D. Clelland
Secretary Pearle Aronstamm
Asst. Secretary John Long
Treasurer George Porter
Asst. Treasurer Malcolm Miles

These officers, with four directors, constituted the LMAR Board of Directors

At subsequent meetings, the Board formulated plans to attain the goals of the new organization. Maurice Clelland accepted appointment to coordinate programs for the first year. John Long volunteered to produce a newsletter for the membership until a permanent editor could be found. On March 12, the first LMAR News "hit the newsstands.

The Board devised methods for handling membership records, dues and other financial aspects, mailing, membership roster and similar functions. For the most part, the MA office provided processing and other help for these services, when requested by the officers or directors.

They also prepared forms for membership, invitation letters, and information to be sent to new retirees and a welcoming letter for new members. At the March 27, 1973 meeting, Ben Skibitski accepted appointment as the first LMAR Program Director.

On March 5, the LMAR membership was 106 paid up members. During the remainder of the year, activities for enjoyment and assistance grew in variety and number. These included: a home safety guidance program, a visit to the Rouge et Noir cheese factory in Petaluma, the first annual dinner at Dinah's Shack and Les Andrews' offer to help members in performing their car "tune-ups." Incidentally, Les still gives terrific "tune-ups."

Today, LMMAR has computerized the membership rolls and our membership stands around 400 (Jan 2015) paid members. The dues and enrollment fees have risen to $15.00 per year but our activities are as varied as ever.